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5 Secrets for Healthy Skin

  • 3 min read

That sought after youthful glow…. Did you know that it’s not just tied to youth but actually dependent upon the health of your skin? That’s right. You can achieve that youthful glow by staying healthy and taking care of your skin today and into the future. You don’t have to settle for less than an amazing appearance but you may need a little extra help.

1. Cleanse Daily

Wash regularly with a gentle cleanser. A regular skincare routine, such as MD Complete’s should be your first line of defense for healthy skin. It’s important to wash regularly, with the right products for your skin type in order to maintain a healthy, glowing complexion. Choosing the correct skin care routine is essential to your skin’s health. If you use soaps or cleansers that are harsh, you can end up with a dry, patchy, or even dull appearance and that’s the last thing you want. Mild cleaners that are designed specifically for your skin type will cleanse without causing harm and will help maintain your skin’s appearance. Wash your face with cleanser only once per day, in the evening. All that is required in the morning is to simply rinse your face with warm water and gently buff with a wet washcloth.

2. Moisturize

Believe it or not but the right moisturizer can make a big difference for you. If you’re using something that’s too heavy or leaves behind too much moisture, you can end up with a greasy appearance rather than a healthy glow. Depending on your age, your skin type, and even the season, what you need may change. If you’re not really sure what type moisturizer is best for your skin, our team can help. It’s possible with the right core treatment, you may only need a moisturizer during the driest winter months. Can you believe that? It’s true.

3. Eat Your Fruits + Vegetables

It’s said that your skin and hair are outward indicators of your overall health and in many ways, it’s true. If you want to give your skin care routine a little boost and help you maintain that beautiful glow, be sure you’re eating a diet that’s healthy and filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables each day. Not only may you feel healthier but hopefully, you’ll even look better.

4. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise helps keep you healthier overall and feeling better. Your skin is technically your body’s biggest organ so it makes sense that your skin would benefit from regular exercise too. We’re not saying you have to run a marathon unless that’s what you want to do. Any regular movement can help - turn the radio up and have a dance party with the kids, go for a walk, head to the park, whatever sounds good to you. It’s said that 20 minutes of exercise a day is enough to see health benefits.

5. Catch Some Z's

This one can be the toughest in today’s crazy, fast-paced, multitasking world but it’s essential to your health. Getting enough sleep each night is going to help you look and feel better the next day. We all have a short night here or there but in general, try to get the recommended eight hours each night. It really matters.

There you have it, five secrets to healthy skin that really work.