Introducing Healthy Complexion Booster

The Wait Is Over. It’s Finally Here.

You asked. We delivered. 

We’ve taken our bestselling retinol serum, Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate, and redesigned it specifically for acneic skin. 

At MD Complete, it remains our ultimate goal to deliver the most efficacious formulations for your most optimal results. So, we’ve taken our Acne Clearing System one step further because we care about you and your skin. Yes, our Acne Clearing System just got even better. 

healthy complexion booster

What exactly is it?

Healthy Complexion Booster is a unique, oil-based serum infused with rich nutrients to help even skin tone, reduce the appearance of post-acne marks, repair skin texture and replenish hydration for clearer, more beautiful skin. When used in conjunction with our Acne Clearing System, this new and improved formula will restore a healthy-looking complexion and help you achieve your best results (as if you thought that was possible). 

With pure retinol, high levels of Vitamin C & E, and natural fruit extracts, Healthy Complexion Booster is the perfect addition to your skin clearing regimen.

But, Wait - An Oil On Acne?!

You read that right. If you struggle with acne, this may sound like your worst nightmare; but trust us, this product is revolutionary. We’re here to dispel the myth that all oils are bad for breakout-prone skin. We’ve carefully selected premium oils that are...

  • natural
  • non-comegodenic
  • lightweight
  • nourishing

Most serums are diluted with water(!), inhibiting effectiveness because your skin is technically waterproof. By eliminating a filler, like water, Healthy Complexion Booster thoroughly penetrates the skin for better and quicker absorption and higher levels of quality ingredient delivery. 

So, say goodbye to your acne woes and the days defined by your breakouts, and say hello to Healthy Complexion Booster! Upgrade your Acne Clearing System today to achieve your most beautiful skin yet!

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