Real Results: Cathy's Before & After's

Meet Cathy, a real client who has experienced real results.

Cathy decided to try MD Complete after first hearing about the skincare line through her daughter. Like many women, she noticed a change in her skin’s elasticity and hydration over time and was open to trying something new.

“I was truly shocked. I was amazed how effective it was around my eyes! I thought my skin was improving, but then I saw the pictures and, wow, I could really tell the difference!” 

Cathy Before & After Transformation with MD Complete

Cathy had previously tried a variety of products, from drug stores to department stores. But she never came across anything she really loved. With nothing to lose, she took a before photo of her skin and began her new regimen.

After a few months of usage, Cathy decided to take an updated photo to track her progress (same location, same lighting). When she viewed her before and after photos side by side, Cathy was absolutely shocked. She couldn't believe the dramatic improvements over the course of only a few months, including a noticeable reduction in fine lines around her mouth and eyes, as well as improved skin tone and texture.

“My skin looks so much younger. I feel like these products slow down the aging process. If I hadn’t started using them, I think my skin would have aged significantly more by now.”

Multiple Signs of Aging System by MD Complete 

Cathy loves her MD Complete skincare products, their simplicity and their efficacy. She felt like it took little effort and the products seemed to “last forever.” In addition, Cathy experienced zero irritation, even with the high levels of active ingredients. 

“I love how they feel on my skin. They’re not heavy or greasy, and they blend in so well.”

She believes the key was consistent usage and patience. And for anyone debating the importance of photos, Cathy had this to say:

"Definitely take before and after photos. When you’re looking at yourself in the mirror every day, it’s hard to notice the changes. They don’t happen overnight. You won’t see a dramatic change on a day-to-day basis, but you will see a dramatic change over time.”

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  • MD Complete Skincare Line & now the Quench & Restore, is a Godsend to my face!!! I have very sensitive skin, and have tried other products over the years that claim they work for sensitive skin. Wrong!! I’ve wasted so much money on skin product lines, only to be left disappointed. Then I stumbled upon MD Complete. I had a good feeling about this product and wanted to try it. But, I didn’t want to have to deal with ordering on-line, and waiting for it to ship. Well, this one day, I happened to walk into our local CVS Store to purchase some mascara, and got looking around. To my surprise…there it was (MD Complete), staring at me right straight in the face!! That’s when I knew I was destined to try it! I have had amazing results. But let me just say….The Quench & Restore has put my skin results over the top!!!! I have been experimenting with the Quench & Restore for 2 weeks now. I started out as directed, then my experiment began. I use a thin layer all over my face (including my eyes), my neck, decolletage, and yes…even between my top cleavage, every morning after I wash my face, and then follow-up with the rest of the MD Complete skin line. I am just so happy and excited with my results, that I had to share my story!

    Shiya Almeida

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