Natural Ingredients Matter

Do you use natural ingredients? Yes, MD Complete uses quality, natural ingredients broadly across our products...

The Acne Diet Connection

Ask Dr. Z Is diet linked to acne? Absolutely it is. Studies continue to demonstrate that consuming sweets, soda...

What is Skin Type?

You’ve heard about normal, oily, combination and dry as skin types. We take a dermatologist approach to skin type...

Fatigued Fall Skin

As we enter fall, you may notice your skin tone appears flat or dull. You may also feel as if fine lines are more...

Dermatologist's Solution for Radiance

We sat down with Dr. Zelickson for expert answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about skin radiance. ...

Tips for Success With Any Plan

Dr. Z shares tips for success when starting a new skincare plan. Consider your primary skincare concerns (e.g., dark ...
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