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The ABCs of Ingredients

  • 2 min read

The ingredients in your skincare are exponentially more important than you might imagine. If you’re seeking a regimen that will provide you with visible results, you deserve to know exactly which ingredients you should be looking for in your products. Unfortunately, the internet has become so saturated with misinformation and hype around skincare that many key (and not-so-key) ingredients are often falsely represented. And with the vast product options on the market, choosing what’s best for you and your skin can be entirely overwhelming.

Understanding the ingredients in your skincare is important because your skin can only absorb so much product, so you want to make sure that what you’re putting on your face is nutrient and vitamin-rich. Just as a nutritionist would most likely discourage consuming empty calories, a dermatologist should do the same for your skin.

Because the subject of ingredients can be a bit complex, we’ve broken them down into four relatable categories: superheroes, heroes, supporting actors and divas.

1. The Superheroes

Think of the “superhero” ingredients as just that—the SUPER heroes. These ingredients are not only significant, but fundamental to an effective skincare routine for achieving visible results. In fact, according to dermatologists, these ingredients are considered the gold standard in skincare. This explains why this particular group almost always forms the foundation of most dermatologist regimens.

Despite the many different claims and promises circulating the web and the world of beauty (many of which are just myths), these ingredients are the only ingredients that have incredible clinical evidence demonstrating that they are, indeed, just that valuable. Further, one superhero ingredient alone has the unique capability of delivering dramatic results, all by itself. Examples of these ingredients include tretinoin, retinol, clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide.

2. The Heroes

Although the hero ingredients cannot deliver the same substantial results as the superheroes, they are still considerably multitasking, and notable research verifies they yield some visible improvements. However, when used in conjunction with other high-quality ingredients, the heroes prove to be especially beneficial. This category includes ingredients like Vitamin C & E, and Niacinamide.

3. The Supporting Actors

The supporting actors are good, but they cannot replicate the same level of improvement as the superheroes or the heroes. However, the advantage to using these ingredients is their ability to support one another or a more potent ingredient, such as those mentioned in the first two categories. The supporting actors include pantheon, Vitamin B5 (Niacinamide), bisabolol, allantoin, Omegas 3 & 9, colloidal oatmeal and soybean.

4. The Divas

The divas—the ingredients that are just overrated. Although they’ve created quite a buzz in the skincare community, these ingredients generate little lasting minor lasting improvements in the appearance and/or condition of your skin. Keep in mind, just because something sounds great, doesn’t necessarily mean it reaps the benefits. So when you’re shopping for skincare, be aware of diva ingredients like collagen, squalene, and hyaluronic acid.

Achieving and maintaining a beautiful, healthy complexion starts with using highly effective ingredients that are delivered effectively to the skin. Interested in learning more about which ingredients are in our products? We have a detailed list on each product page under the tab "Ingredients.