Using An Oil-Based Serum On Acne

Stop right there. You said what?

Yes, we are going where few other skincare lines have gone before—an oil-based serum for acne-prone skin. Whether you struggle with an occasional blemish or recurring cystic breakouts, you’re probably thinking the same thing. Oil on acne? No way. Not a chance.

This concept might sound like your worst nightmare. Because oil means clogged pores. Oil means more acne.

We’re ready to dispel this age-old myth and assure you that, on the contrary, the right oil-based serum will not cause acne, but improve and restore your skin for a clearer, more beautiful complexion.

So why an oil? What makes it different from other commonly used acne products?

Key Nutrients

Well, truth be told, it’s not necessarily the oil itself. It’s actually what’s inside the oil that’s essential to the repair of your complexion. And in fact, there are key nutrients that are only deliverable as an oil.

Think of it this way. Just as there are good and bad fats in food, there are also good and bad oils for your skin. Bad oils have large molecules and tend to be pore-clogging and sticky. But good oil-based serums contain important nutrients, antioxidants, Vitamin C & E, pure retinol and other potent ingredients that are known to support the skin’s anti-inflammatory process. After years of research, we now know and understand specific fats, like Omega-3’s, are necessary for a healthy, balanced diet. Likewise, scientists and dermatologists have discovered and proven there are oils good for your skin.

At MD Complete, we have carefully sourced and chosen premium oils with exceptionally high levels of high-quality ingredients, and evaluated how they directly respond to the skin.

What have we found? Universally positive results.


Now that we understand the significance of certain vital nutrients within an oil and their role in improving your skin, let’s take a look at another overarching factor of efficacy - the unique delivery system.

Did you know your skin is waterproof? Imagine for a moment trying to combine oil and water in a glass. As hard as you might try to mix the two, they will undoubtedly remain separated. This analogy can be applied to the skin’s chemistry.

Many skincare products contain water. Take a look at the ingredients printed on the labels of the products you have at home. It honestly wouldn’t be surprising to find water listed as one of the first ingredients, if not the very first.

In reality, water is counterintuitive to efficacy, and prevents your skin from absorbing the proper nutrients it needs to heal and restore itself.

A water-free, oil-based serum, like Healthy Complexion Booster, has the remarkable ability to be immediately absorbed into your skin, sinking in where powerful cell communication and actual improvement occur. This penetrable transportation is distinctive to an oil, and is what sets it apart from other acne products on the market.

So, the difference?

With a premium selection of oils, a unique delivery system and integration of nutritional science, Healthy Complexion Booster works with the skin’s natural physiology for ultimate restoration, resulting in fewer breakouts, a clearer complexion, and healthy, radiant skin.

Still Skeptical?

Try it for yourself! Purchase Healthy Complexion Booster here.

If you don’t like the results, return it for a full refund (shipping included). We’re confident you’ll not only see a difference, but feel a difference too!

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