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What Causes Eye Puffiness and Bags?

  • 2 min read

No one wants to appear fatigued, wake up to puffy eyes or struggle to conceal under eye bags. So let’s discover why this happens and identify a solution to appear awake and bright-eyed.

First, puffiness can be categorized in three ways. Which applies to you?

  1. It’s been a concern for as long as I can remember.
  2. It’s an occasional issue that usually goes away in time.
  3. It has gotten worse over time and doesn’t go away no matter what you try.

1. It may be genetic.

But that doesn't mean it can't improve. Nothing against mom, but does she have a similar concern? If you feel like you’ve struggled with this concern most of your life, genetics could be the culprit. It will become more evident as you get older and the fat pads below your eyes shift. But, before committing to a surgical procedure, add a targeted eye treatment to your regimen. Total Eye Treatment is rich in potent peptides to smooth fine lines & crow’s feet, lift and plump skin, reduce the look of puffiness & dark circles, and bring out natural brightness.

2. It may be your lifestyle.

But a few changes can make a difference. You may have heard that your skin reflects your lifestyle, and it’s true. Stressors like lack of sleep, a few too many cocktails, a particularly rough week or a lack of balanced nutrition can add baggage to your eyes, especially when you wake up. Consider a few lifestyle adjustments. To brighten and calm the eye area, add Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate to your skincare routine for a quick dose of skin-restoring antioxidants and radiance. Best of all, this potent serum will help support your skin’s own rejuvenation process to help prevent the puff.

3. It may be the clock.

But a proven regimen can support beautiful eyes. If the skin beneath your eyes has begun to sag, appear thinner or show dark circles, this is likely a result of sun damage and/or age. Rather than focusing on the negative, let’s honor where you are now and build a regimen that supports your beautiful best eyes. Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy PLUS, Total Eye Treratment and Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate effectively targets the eye area in all the right ways. Potent peptides and pure Retinol help lift, plump, firm and brighten by supporting collagen production, accelerating skin cell turnover and providing deep hydration for brighter, more rested eyes.