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Quench & Restore Advanced Hyaluronic Treatment

Quench & Restore Advanced Hyaluronic Treatment features NanoActive HATM — a whole new kind of Hyaluronic Acid for a whole new kind of results. It works with any skincare regimen to improve plumping and firming results. It's a refreshing alternative to injectable fillers, with the surprise benefit of also revitalizing stressed skin to reduce the look of blotchiness and restore a healthy, rested complexion.

We modified microscopic Hyaluronic Acid molecules and complexed them with Amino Acids, Vitamin, and Phytonutrients to be more mobile and active in the skin.

It's ideally suited for anyone who: (1) is looking to step-up their skincare results, (2) experiencing physical/emotional stress or lack of sleep, (3) is noticing increased crepiness or (4) wants to accelerate plumping and firming.

Quench & Restore features a restorative scent — natural lavender essential oil to help increase a sense of calmness and promote relaxation. 60-90 day supply!


  • Plumps and firms skin
  • Smoothes the look of fine lines
  • Reduces the appearance of blotchy redness
  • Calms and soothes stressed skin
  • Restores healthy radiance
  • Provides a quick boost of hydration

Customer Reviews

Based on 134 reviews
Quench and restore

I tried this mini sample of Quench and Restore and was pleasantly surprised by how it softened and reduced my puffiness

Julianne T.
Why is it called a mask??

This is good for hydration, but calling it a mask causes great confusion. Masks stay on all night and are washed off in the morning. Better directions are needed.

Joy B.
Another Great Product

Great product! Exactly what my skin needs - makes my skin feel very soft, healthy and relaxed. Thanks MDComplete. This is another amazing product you have available for all of us.

MD Quench & Restore Mask is a must!!!

I tried this product once and now I can't go without it. It is very cooling and refreshing. It truly is one of my favs!!!

On the fence

I use this as a base for the wrinkle and radiance remedy PLUS. On its own, my skin feels somewhat dry the next day but surprisingly firm. I now use a light moisturizer under this and seems to be working well.

Kristi W.
Tighten and cool down

I love quench and restore. The only thing o would do differently is have A pump. Sticking my hand in the product
Is really very unsanitary!!