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MDC Dermatologics

FIRE Up Your Skin

Your skin’s metabolism is meant to be ablaze with vitality, nourishment, strength and growth.

But your flame can fade to a mere smolder under the weight of stress, lack of rest, environmental factors, changing hormones, lifestyle and biological influences.

That’s when you need to FIRE Up Your Skin!

THE Ultimate

MDC Dermatologics delivers pure dermatologist-grade treatments for the ultimate transformation.

IGNITE Your Skin's Potential

"This is by far the ultimate in skincare—a culmination of decades of unrelenting pursuit for the finest ingredients. It's so pure, so intentional, so transformative that I'm incredibly excited to share it with the world."

Each ingredient was hand-selected by Dr. Zelickson, including rare and highly expensive ones, all to ensure your skin gets the best. No compromises, no guesswork.

It’s absolutely EVERYTHING that you need to . . .

🔥 Stimulate your skin’s metabolism

🔥 Ignite fresh skin growth factors

🔥 Spark collagen production

🔥 Enrich with nourishing moisturizers

🔥 Protect with super antioxidants

🔥 Feed skin pure bioavailable nutrients

🔥 Give you wondrous skin vitality

It's an EYE Wonder

Build, strengthen, and nourish your eyes for astonishing vibrance. EYE Wonder sparks a blazing radiance; irresistible smoothness; and a fresh, lifted look that leaves you with wide-eyed vitality.

It's a Firm BOOST

A dermatologist-grade booster designed to improve plumping and firming results around the eyes and restore a vibrant, lifted look. PLUMP, Boost & Firm is comparable to professional eye creams that cost over $280!

ENERGY in Numbers

# of growth factors = green
# of nurturing moisturizers = blue
# of super antioxidants = purple
# of transformative actives = red
# of energizing amino acids = yellow

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