7 Tips for Better Eyes

7 Tips for Better Eyes

Did you know the area around the eyes is the most delicate and structurally complex skin on your face? Did you also know it’s the most difficult to treat?

Due to its thin and complex nature, the skin around the eyes is often the first area to reveal signs of aging and stress. Though completely eliminating concerns like crow’s feet, fine lines, dark circles, sagging or droopiness is impossible, there are ways to brighten, tighten, firm, smooth, and lift the appearance of this skin.

To achieve the best results for more youthful-looking eyes, here are 7 practical tips for a complete approach to eye care.

1. Look for Clinical Results

It’s really easy for brands to come up with great user-reported “% improvement” claims. Ignore these because they can’t be trusted. Instead, look for clinical testing results that benchmark product results versus dermatologist treatments. Ideally, the data should be “peer reviewed” by dermatologists and published in a medical journal for assured validity.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

As with any effective, dermatologist skincare, results take time. Expect at least 60-90 days to achieve dramatic visible improvements. Also keep in mind that no treatment or combination of treatments is going to completely eliminate wrinkles, sagging skin, dark circles, or puffiness. But, there are effective treatments that can make important improvements.

3. Be Wary of Eye Creams in Jars

Like face masks, many eye creams are sold in jars. However unlike face masks, eye treatments contain highly active ingredients which when exposed to air and other impurities from your fingers, can break down, oxidize, and become ineffective. Concealed packaging, like Total Eye Treatment, protects the active ingredients for your best results.

4. Avoid Moisturizers Around the Eyes

Addressing the concerns around your eyes requires hard working ingredients. You need to ensure your treatment products have a clear path and can be readily absorbed. Moisturizers typically don’t have the levels of active ingredients necessary to improve the appearance of the skin. As a result, they tend to ‘fill up’ the skin with inactive materials, blocking the penetration and absorption of necessary active ingredients. Remember, your skin is like a sponge. It can only absorb a limited amount of ingredients. The excess product just sits on the surface of the skin, and can cause irritation.

5. Don’t Bother with AM & PM Products

Separate morning and night products are truly just marketing gimmicks. The products either work or they don’t, regardless of the time of day, whether you’re sleeping or active. If the products work, they are likely very concentrated, yet lightweight so they absorb thoroughly and won’t feel ‘heavy’ on your skin during the day. In fact, good eye treatment products often make a great primer for eye color.

6. Gentle Pressing or Tapping Isn’t Necessary

This is one of those myths that has developed into an industry standard. The adage goes that the skin around the eye is very delicate so you need to gently press or tap the product into the skin in order to prevent wrinkles and premature aging. Ironically, dermatologist in-office treatments work by damaging the skin to trigger a repair and regrowth cycle that rejuvenates the skin.

7. Gradually Use Your Products Closer and Closer to the Eye

Some people can use skincare products right up to the bottom lash line and between the eye brow and hood of the eye. Others, however, can’t come close to these areas without experiencing irritation. You will get better results the closer you can get to the eye so find out what your skin and eye can tolerate. Over the course of a week or two, gradually take your skincare closer and closer to the eye lash line and on top of the eye lid to see how your skin responds. The moment you experience irritation or eye redness, back off.