7 Ways Our Retinol is Better

7 Ways Our Retinol is Better

Most brands claim their products are better. We get it. 

But what if we told you ours actually are better?

In two independent clinical studies, MD Complete matched the results of the top dermatologist retinoid and the leading dermatologist system. 

So, what exactly makes MD Complete retinol better than the rest? We’re here to expound upon the 7 ways we’re set apart!

1. Pure Retinol

Ingredient labels can be confusing and somewhat complicated. Many skincare brands use derivatives of retinol, which are not only cheaper versions, but they’re also substantially less effective. While it may appear on the label that the product contains retinol, it would actually just be a manipulated variant. MD Complete uses pure retinol, like in Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate which is absorbed much more quickly into the skin, delivering incredible skin rejuvenation results.

2. Higher Levels

Many department store serums are expensive, and retail for upwards of $150 (if not more). However, MD Complete uses levels of retinol that are, in fact, 10-20 times higher than traditional department store products. While we often assume a luxury product requires a higher price tag for unparalleled efficacy, this is simply just not the case. Retinol is dose responsive, so higher levels of retinol maximize results.

3. Accelerated Results

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked rigorously and tirelessly to perfect our ingredient combination and delivery system. We believe our clients deserve their best results, so we combine retinol with a mix of naturally-derived phytonutrients and vitamins. Because retinol’s capabilities are limited as a single ingredient, we’ve furthered improved its capacity by combining it with specific ingredients that are clinically proven to work synergistically with retinol.

4. Encapsulation Technology

Our innovative technology encapsulates retinol to improve how it’s absorbed into the skin to eliminate the irritation commonly associated with dermatologist retinol levels. What does this mean for you? You’re getting the same levels of retinol used in dermatology without the negative side effects.

5. Moisturizing

It’s no secret MD Complete products are uniquely hydrating. In fact, clients are often genuinely surprised they don’t even need a moisturizer with our treatment products. Even with the inclusion of pure retinol and other highly concentrated ingredients, these products simultaneously hydrate and restore the skin barrier while providing multitasking benefits.

6. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Our attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the process, from the sourcing of our ingredients to the delivery of the package onto the client’s doorstep. Our manufacturing is no different. We formulate our products in ‘clean room’ environments, much like pharmaceutical products, under argon and nitrogen blankets that prevent any exposure to oxygen and other contaminants. Retinol is highly reactive (which is part of the reason why it works so well in the skin) and quickly breaks down if it’s exposed to oxygen or other external factors.

7. Clinical Evidence

Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy PLUS, our core treatment product, is formulated with high levels of retinol and has proven in clinical testing to be as effective as dermatologist retinoids.