How MD Complete Changed Her Life

How MD Complete Changed Her Life

Kasey Jones is no stranger to the struggle with acne. Now eighteen years old, the recent high school graduate first began experiencing breakouts in the sixth grade. However, unlike her classmates and friends who seemed to be naturally blessed with flawless skin, Kasey’s blemishes not only persisted but actually worsened throughout her middle and high school career. She remembers how her peers labeled her pizza face, a name that began to take a toll on her confidence.

Recently, she opened up in a candid interview to share with us her journey and the effect it had not only on her physical appearance but also on her emotional well-being.

Acne, Kasey said, defined who she was as a person. It not only robbed her of her self-esteem, but it prohibited her from engaging in activities other teenagers her age deemed normal.

She often hid her face while conversing with others, hanging her head low, avoiding eye contact in hopes it would somehow disguise her acne which became her unavoidable menace. Slowly, she granted her problematic skin authority over who she was and how she perceived herself.

Any acne product you've heard of, Kasey has tried. Despite different product claims and promises, nothing ever seemed to work. Maybe for a month or two, but the breakouts would always return, leaving behind post-acne marks and redness that never seemed to go away.

She felt hopeless, defeated and convinced she would be perpetually plagued by acne for the rest of her life.

After exhausting all of her topical options and desperate for change, Kasey and her parents explored Accutane, a drug which has several severe potential side effects, but to her, it seemed like the very last resort. Kasey was understandably nervous, but she felt like she had no other choice. Hadn’t she already given everything a chance?

But it was an unexpected encounter that truly changed the trajectory of Kasey’s skin and, ultimately, her relationship with herself.

Kasey’s mom was introduced to MD Complete through a connection to the company who, after seeing pictures of Kasey’s condition, offered her a trial round of the Acne Clearing System.

Hesitant and even somewhat cynical, Kasey figured there was nothing to lose because, at this point, it really couldn’t get any worse. She took the plunge (with very low expectations) and tried her new products.

But to her complete surprise, after just one night’s use, she could already feel a difference. Sure, the breakouts were still present, but her skin felt different this time: softer, smoother, and honestly, just better. She continued to use her products according to the directions, every morning and night, anxious to see the same improvements she felt.

And sure enough, she did.

Kasey Before and After Acne Solution

It’s now been about two and a half years since she began her MD Complete regimen, and today, Kasey is a completely different person, changed from the inside out. Upon meeting her, you would never believe or imagine she once struggled with her identity. She is beautiful, confident and genuinely radiant. She knows she can unashamedly be herself without feeling judged or defined by her appearance. She stands taller now - her shoulders back, her chin up and her smile wide and beaming. And even when she does experience the occasional blemish, it doesn’t set her back or keep her from doing the things she loves because she knows she is more than acne.