Luminous Warmth for Every Skin Type

Luminous Warmth for Every Skin Type

From age to ethnicity, geographic location to genetics, no two skin types are the same. We embrace this diversity and want to help you achieve your most radiantly beautiful skin.

Recently, we shared Tips for Radiance at Every Age. Now, we’re addressing different skin types, specifically: fair skin, medium to dark skin and mature skin.

For Fair Skin

You might consider yourself fair if you sunburn easily. Perhaps you collect freckles like compliments. When shopping for foundation, you tend toward porcelain or ivory.

Fair skin is beautiful. However, if it seems lackluster or dull, it may be the result of a lack of pigment (melanin), stressed skin or a build up of dead skin cells. In this case, we want to help you bring warmth to your skin and brighten your complexion.


Use a combination of Retinol, carotenoids and Niacinamide. 

Retinol helps to increase new skin cell turnover, which addresses dull, lifeless tone and a lack of skin reflectivity. When you use a high-potency Retinol, your face has a healthy radiance. Carotenoids help to pigment the skin naturally, giving you that warm glow. When these two ingredients are paired, like in Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate, the result is luminosity and warmth.

As for stressed skin, products containing Niacinamide can help strengthen the skin barrier, and improve overall skin tone and texture for an overall healthy look and feel. Quench & Restore Advanced Hyaluronic Treatment is a perfect solution for revitalizing and nourishing stressed skin. And it’s appropriate for all skin types.

For Medium to Dark Skin

Medium to dark tones are rich in pigment. These pigments boost your natural protection against sun exposure, so you’re less likely to experience fine lines and wrinkles. You might reach for foundation shades like Ebony or Mocha.

Darker skin is beautiful. It brings a rich and complex array of skin tones that create a beautiful complexion. However, common concerns are a dull, ashy appearance or hyperpigmentation with dark spots. With this in mind, we want to share key ingredients for glowing radiance.


First, exfoliate well. 

Many exfoliating products contain abrasive materials, which strip the skin barrier of its natural moisture and essential oils. Try a gentle chemical exfoliating peel once or twice a month to help remove debris and help your treatment products work more effectively. Be careful. Irritation can lead to dark spots in some darker skin types. So, test the peel on your forearm first and/or gradually increase the ‘leave-on’ time to ensure you are not over-doing it.

Next, use a serum containing pure Retinol and carotenoids. 

Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate will not only give your complexion a natural glow, but it will also bring out natural honeyed warmth for a richer skin tone.

And for hyperpigmentation? Incorporate Dark Spot Corrector to help even your skin’s texture and brighten its tone for optimal radiance.

For Mature Skin

You have stories to tell, and so does your skin. Perhaps you loved sunbathing, you moved into different climates or you raised a family on little sleep. When you reach for foundation, your question might be: Will this sit on my skin and look fake, or will it only accentuate the lines?

Mature skin is beautiful. You may be surprised how refreshed mature skin can look with great care. But, you may be noticing fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, loss of firmness or dark spots. Our goal is not to try to and recapture your 20s, but to bring out your radiant, beautiful best.


Start with a gentle, creamy cleanser. 

It should not only remove impurities and makeup, but also support a healthy moisture barrier. Restoring Cleanser cleanses without stripping the skin, helping to maintain its natural moisture and a healthy balance.

Apply pure Retinol in combination with Vitamins C & E and Niacinamide. 

This combination will help to reveal the radiant skin beneath the surface and energize skin. Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy PLUS in combination with Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate will brighten radiance, while improving the look of fines lines and wrinkles, as it evens skin texture and tone.

Use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a month. Bright & Smooth Exfoliating Treatment gently exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin, revealing a bright, fresh, smooth complexion.

And if you have dark spots, Dark Spot Corrector will help fade your hyperpigmentation for a smoother, more even skin tone.