Professional Protocol for Sensitive Skin

Professional Protocol for Sensitive Skin

Ask Dr. Z

Skin sensitivity can manifest in different ways, but rest assured that it can typically be overcome by properly easing into the right professional skincare plan.

First, it's crucial to eliminate potential irritants from your regimen, including foaming cleansers, toners, exfoliators and products with abrasive materials. Instead, use a non-foaming, creamy cleanser just once daily before bed. Then, simply buff your skin gently in the morning with a warm, wet washcloth.

As with all skincare, test a product on the interior of your arm for one evening before applying it to your face.

If Your Skin is Highly Sensitive and Painfully Irritated by Skincare Products
Your first step is to see if you can tolerate a nutrient-rich, vitamin-based serum like the Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate (skin rejuvenation) or Healthy Complexion Booster (acne clearing). Although both products contain pure Retinol, they are suitable for most sensitive skin types because of our proprietary ingredient delivery system. We even use these serums with chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients, with their doctor’s approval.

If Your Skin is Moderately Sensitive but Often Turns Red After Skincare Use
The goal is to progress gradually to a full skincare system. The key is to add just one product to your regimen at a time and eliminate any products that unknowingly could be making your skin more sensitive.

Begin with two products to strengthen your skin barrier:

  1. Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate or Healthy Complexion Booster to nourish the skin’s natural ability to repair and strengthen itself
  2. Restoring Cleanser to gently remove debris and makeup 

After using either Retinol serum for two weeks, add just one pea-size amount of Wrinkle & Radiance Remed PLUS to your regimen every other day for the next two weeks. Once you settle into this new plan, you can begin to use Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy daily, if it's comfortable. Then, add targeted treatments, as needed.

If Your Skin is Moderately Sensitive and Only Occasionally Feels Irritated
Add just one product to your regimen at a time, beginning with a core treatment like 
Wrinkle & Radiance Remedy PLUS every other day for the first week. Once your skin adjusts, increase to daily usage. Then, when you have successfully used your core treatment daily for one week, phase in your next product in the same way. 

Finally, remember that sun exposure can also make your skin more sensitive. And, if you experience a lot of emotional stress, take a probiotic daily before bed.

Dr. Brian Zelickson

Founder | MD Complete