What is Skin Type?

What is Skin Type?

Ask Dr. Z

You’ve likely heard about normal, oily, combination and dry as skin types. This language floods store shelves, works its way into magazine ads and even appears in cosmetics articles.

At MD Complete, when take a dermatologist-minded approach to skin type. We talk about it as a description of skin tone and/or skin sensitivity. Why? Well, dermatology has made significant advances in skincare in the past 10 years. These advances changed what’s important when we think about different types of skin.

In the past and with traditional luxury skincare, the products were largely designed to moisturize the skin. Much of the product would sit on the surface of the skin for temporary, tactile benefits. Consequently, attributes like normal, oily, dry or combination skin played a role in how the product felt on your skin and whether it would provide the right emollience.

Today’s advanced dermatologist skincare is designed to work in the skin, not merely on the surface. Professional products like MD Complete are highly concentrated with active ingredients. Even moisturization is handled with active ingredients that improve the skin’s own ability to retain moisture, which is the real culprit of dry skin.

In addition, these products don’t have fillers and heavy materials that lay on the surface of the skin. So, oiliness and dryness don’t really matter when selecting dermatologist-level products.

Instead, it’s more important to know how your skin will react to the cell communication and nutrients that tell the skin to produce more collagen, generate new skin cells and support other elements in the skin. 

Lighter skin tones and skin that is more sensitive can typically use the same products as less sensitive skin types, if the products are well formulated. These individuals simply need to introduce dermatologist products into their routine more gradually—start by using the product every other day and then increase to daily use after two weeks.  

Dr. Brian Zelickson

Founder | MD Complete