Your Skin is Like a Sponge

Your Skin is Like a Sponge

Your skin is like a sponge. It can only absorb a limited amount of product. The rest sits on the surface of the skin. Why does this matter? How should this influence what products you use?

First, we recommend selecting highly concentrated products that are rich in nutrients and low in “fillers” – inactive ingredients commonly associated with moisturizers. Similar to dieting, you want to avoid filling up on ‘empty calories.’

Second, using too much product can result in irritation. Once the skin is saturated with product, the rest just sits on the surface. If the product is highly active, the active ingredients can cause irritation if they sit on the surface of your skin.

Third, as product builds up on the surface of the skin it can clog pores and congest skin resulting in blemishes, breakouts and dull looking skin.

So, make your skincare count. Avoid empty calories. Use highly concentrated, nutrient rich skincare that isn’t filled with “fillers,” humectants and other inactive materials. Look for naturally derived phytonutrients (extracts), vitamins, and active lipids like Omega 3-6-9’s that target specific skin care concerns you have.