Tips for Success With Any Plan

Tips for Success With Any Plan

Ask Dr. Z

Can you share tips for success when starting a new skincare plan?

  1. Consider your primary skincare concerns (e.g., dark spots, acne, crepey skin, wrinkles) - build your plan around these needs, using the fewest number of products possible. Patients typically get worse results as they use more products. Learn more in the article Avoiding Common Causes of Irritation.
  2. Give the products time to work - It’s just like working out. It takes time to make meaningful improvements. Give your new system at least 90 days, and make sure you take a before picture to track your difference. I have found that patients who take before photos are more aware of the improvements in their skin and more likely to establish a meaningful skincare habit.
  3. Consistency is key - Again, it’s like working out (only easier). You wouldn’t expect to improve your muscle tone or strength if you weren’t consistently working out. The same is true with highly effective skincare—training your complexion takes consistency. 
  4. More frequent is better, more product is not - Typically, you can improve results by using the product more frequently, working up to twice per day. In contrast, using more product at one sitting is not better. Your skin can only absorb a limited amount of product—Your Skin is Like a Sponge. The excess just sits on the surface and may lead to irritation. 
  5. If you have sensitive skin, begin applying products every other day - This will enable your skin to acclimate to the new active ingredients. Most people should be able to move to daily use after a week. If you have very sensitive skin, you may want to continue using the products every other day or every third day.  
  6. Wear sunscreen daily - Applying sunscreen is essential to protect the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Whether or not you’re in the sun, always finish your morning skincare routine by applying a separate SPF.  We recommend a good quality UVA/UVB, SPF 30+, to protect your skin and your results. Reapplying every 2 hours throughout the day for the most thorough defense against sun damage.

Dr. Brian Zelickson

Founder | MD Complete